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Need Tree Removal Services On The Mornington Peninsula?

If you have an unhealthy tree in your garden that is diseased, or dead, it should be removed properly and safely so that it doesn’t cause any damage to people or property. We are experienced in removing and lopping trees that are especially difficult, this could be trees that are on a slope; or large trees that are very close to homes or other buildings or doing power line clearance work; or emergency tree removal for trees that have physically fallen onto buildings damaging roofs, fascias, and windows; this can often happen after storms. Depending on the type of tree, will depend on how many team members we need to remove it.

The team will conduct safety checks and do a risk assessment for any hazards. All team members will wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment. Trees will often have their branches dismantled using tools such as a chainsaw, and the pieces of tree will be chipped or mulched. Then if there is space, the tree will be felled. The team will ensure that your garden area is left in a tidy state after the tree has been removed.

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You may need a tree removing because it has grown much bigger or taller and is now too close to your property and is causing damage. If removing the tree has caused a hole in the ground, the mulched up tree can be used to fill this in smoothly, and is excellent good quality soil then to grow other plants in, or you can simply use the space as you please.

When we remove a tree for you, you can rest assured that this will be done in a safe and controlled way. We have local knowledge of the type of trees in the area and will ensure that we carry out the work efficiently at an affordable rate.

Once Tree Removal Mornington Peninsula have removed the tree for you we can also offer Tree Stump Removal. If you’re ready for a quote feel free to contact us.

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