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When you need a tree removed, whether it’s in the way, causing you trouble, or just doesn’t fit right where it is, finding a good tree removal company is crucial. Tree Removal Mornington Peninsula offers not only tree removal but many other services that are needed for the proper care of your trees and landscaping.

Langwarrin Tree Care Specialists



We offer many tree services for any of your tree and landscaping needs. While some tree care companies may only specialize in specific tree care services, we have a wide variety of services offered, such as properly caring for diseased trees. However, dealing with dead or diseased trees is just one of the many services Tree Removal Mornington Peninsula offers. Other services include:


  1. Tree Removal

We offer the safest and quickest tree removal services. Rather than trying to take on the dangerous task of removing a tree yourself, leaving it to us will ensure your tree and the landscaping around it are taken care of properly. We have all of the necessary equipment to assist in tree removal, which is why the process is done relatively quickly.


  1. Stump Removal

Stump removal is just as important as tree removal, especially for diseased trees. Stump grinding is one the the best ways to remove a stump, but to do so, a stump grinder is needed. Therefore, leaving stump removal to professionals is essential, as we can safely remove a tree stump for you. Attempting to remove a stump and doing it incorrectly can cause serious damage and make it more difficult in the long run.


  1. Tree Pruning and Lopping

Tree pruning is important in order to keep a tree healthy and growing. Tree lopping, like pruning, is a process of cutting off branches. However, whereas tree pruning is typically done on small branches, tree lopping is used on larger branches. Tree lopping can be dangerous to the tree if you don’t know what you’re doing, so leaving it to us professionals is essential.


  1. Arborist Consultations

Tree Removal Mornington Peninsula also offers different arborist services, such as tree consultations and advice on tree care. There are many different tree diseases that can cause your trees and landscaping problems. Since arborists are experts in all things trees, they’ll be able to diagnose tree diseases, as well as rid trees of any annoying pests.

Tree Lopping Experts

Tree Removal Mornington Peninsula is experienced with tree lopping. There are many tree loppers out there that don’t care about the long-term effects tree lopping can have on your trees, and while they may be cheaper, arborists can safely and correctly prune or lop your trees without causing long-lasting damage.


As tree lopping is specifically done in order to reduce the size of the tree, and it’s not usually done to improve the health, improperly lopping a tree can not only make the tree look disastrous, but can ruin the overall structure of the tree itself.


However, we are experts when it comes to tree lopping. Therefore, they will take the health of the tree into consideration before lopping. So, if lopping is something you desire, choosing a professional who cares for trees is going to guarantee the best results.

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