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Need Tree Removal In Frankston?

Tree Removal Frankston – If you live in the Frankston area and would like a tree removed or other tree services, we are here to help you. We will start by giving you a quote for the work and a timescale. We give you great value for money and bring a dependable team who are experienced and well-qualified. We work swiftly and efficiently, and will take away garden waste, so your garden looks beautifully tidy. We are licenced to do the work and have insurance.

It’s far better getting us to do the work for you, rather than attempting it yourself or hiring an amateur, because we’re trained and experienced in how to do it properly, quickly and effectively. The job is dangerous and technical. We have the experience of knowing how to tackle similar situations (it could be that a tree is difficult to access). We have the right tools and equipment for the job, which makes tasks a lot easier.

If you try and attempt tree removal or lopping work without the proper training or equipment, there are many potential hazards, such as
– Falling off high ladders or having bits of tree or branches knock them off ladders.
– Heavy branches falling onto parts of a property, vehicle or other people causing serious injury.
– Amateurs have been known to dig through important household pipes under lawns when attempting to remove trees causing lots of financial damage.

Most home-gardeners simply don’t have the tools required to successfully remove a tree or lop thicker branches, and you certainly dont want to end up at Frankston hospital after injuring yourself by using the wrong tools.

Tree Removal Services


You may need a tree completely removing, or simply some branches lopping off one, either way we can assist you for a very affordable price. Sometimes trees grow a lot taller than people expect, and we are skilled at removing those, and difficult trees. You may have a tree that has been badly damaged in a storm, and needs removing to ensure it is safe; if this has fallen onto your property it needs removing with the utmost care, so as to cause minimal further damage to your property – we have experience in this. You may have land that you want an extension building on that you need trees and hedges cleared from, and we are able to expertly do that for you.

You may also have a tree stump that is preventing you from having the perfect lawn, or is in the way of where you’d like to put a garden feature such as a patio, some decking, a BBQ or children’s area. We can remove tree stumps and roots, so that you can have the garden you’ve visualized. The roots of a tree can stretch to up to twelve times the length of its branches, which can give you an idea of how far the roots can go for. Some common reasons for not only removing a tree but the entire stump and roots as well include…

– Roots underground can sometimes break pipes, or cause cracks in walls and paving areas.
– A tree stump that is left with its roots, will still keep trying to take in nutrients, which leach water and nutrients away from other plants.
– It could also become infested with pests or start to grow fungus.
– They can be an eye-soar and are in the way of other garden projects you might have in mind.

Tree Removal Experts In Frankston


We’ll happily trim and prune trees or high hedges for you, so that they look neat and tidy and help make your garden look well ordered and maintained. You may want trees trimming so that branches don’t fall and cause damage to your property or people, in stormy weather. Or you could want a large tree that is blocking out light to part of your garden or house, cutting back, so that more light gets through. Palm trees require specialist treatment to strip off the outer bark layer to reveal shiny bark underneath, their leaves also need pruning to maintain their health.

Once we have finished removing a tree, a stump or roots, or lopping off branches we can dispose of all the garden waste neatly and efficiently for you, using tree grinding machines to turn tree waste into wood chips or mulch which you may decide to either use on another part of your garden (to keep the weeds down, feed nutrients to new trees/plants or to mix in with compost) or in a children’s play area to give a softer surface if children fall off climbing equipment; or we can take away the waste and responsibly dispose of it for you.

Tree Removal Mornington Peninsula are proud to service Frankston and any surrounding suburbs, so if you’re in need of tree removal, reach out to us for a free quote today.

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