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Need Stump Grinding On The Mornington Peninsula?

Tree Stump Removal Mornington Peninsula. Do you need a tree stump removed or a stump grinded? We have specific specialist equipment to remove and grind up tree stumps effectively causing as minimal impact on the surrounding environment as we possibly can. Having an unsightly tree stump in your garden can cause a trip hazard, and the stump could be prone to pest infestations which could spread to other parts of your garden, not to mention being in the way, but dont worry as Tree Removal Mornington Peninsula are here to help you out.

Trying to remove a tree stump can be enormously difficult for a non-expert, they are incredibly tricky simply because they’re so large, heavy, and have many extending roots holding them in place, with a lot of earth packed in around them. Some tree services will cut down trees for you, but leave the stump remaining.

Stump Grinding Services


There is the danger that if a non-expert attempt to remove a tree stump, they could end up damaging their back, or injuring themselves on household garden-tools. This is not to mention damage that can be caused by hiring a non-expert digger, who could accidentally dig up water or sewerage pipes underground, causing monumental damage and a lot of financial expense. Our best advice to you, is to call an expert to remove the stump for you.

Our services are affordable, and we’ll get the tree stump removed efficiently causing minimal disturbance to your garden. We are experts in this area, and we have vast experience of removing all types of tree stump, including those that are in narrow spaces, or difficult to access stumps on sloping areas. We are fully licenced and have insurance which covers every job we do. We have been trained in safety for our staff, customers and properties.

Once the tree stump has been removed, this will enable you to use that space in your garden where the stump had been to greater effect; you could put in a water feature, or plant flowers, grow vegetables, or use the area for a BBQ etc.

If you’re in need of other services such as Tree trimming, Tree Removal Mornington Peninsula can also assist you there as well.

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